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How to Make the Most of Your General Annual Checkup

Make the Most Out of Your General Annual Checkup with These Tips

An annual general checkup is a must, regardless of age and gender. With this service, you’ll have the opportunity to avail of consultations and other essential medical care in New York, New York to boost your health and your loved ones’. This is important because this will let you know if you’re still at the peak of your health. To maximize your next doctor’s visit, take note of these insights:

  • Keep medical history at hand.

    Have you been hospitalized before your doctors’ visit? Do you have any pre-existing conditions? What are the meds and supplements you’re currently taking? Physicians need to know your medical history to help them anticipate your health risks. Your answers to these questions will be their guide in giving you prescriptions or health adjustment recommendations.

  • Be honest about your lifestyle and ask about the adjustments you might need.

    How many times do you exercise when under drug use? Do you at least do it in a weekly-basis? What are your usual foods? Do you have any current or previous issues about alcoholism or any health goals? Do you work during the night? The doctors will be able to assess your lifestyle with these questions. In turn, they’d be able to help you improve your lifestyle.

  • Avail of tests and other laboratory services.

    Aside from consultations, it’s also wise to avail of tests. Have your vital signs taken. Undergo tests that check your blood sugar level, blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate, lungs, head, and neck. Or you could also avail of pampering services, such as laser hair removal.

Annual checks and visits to the doctor help prevent diseases. If you’re looking to avail of this service, you might like to visit Arthur R. Dove, M.D.P.C., a provider of healthcare services and internal medicine in New York.

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