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Tips on Managing Weight with Hypothyroidism

Tips on Managing Weight with Hypothyroidism

Even if you exercise regularly or eat healthily, chances are you’ll find it hard to prevent weight gain with hypothyroidism. Internal medicine in New York understands that the more severe hypothyroidism is, the harder it is for your body to metabolize what you eat.

Fortunately, here are some things you can do to help:

  • Use medicines prescribed by physicians.
    Your trusted provider of medical care in New York, New York can prescribe thyroid hormone drugs such as levothyroxine that can increase thyroid hormone production and improve metabolism. Shed more weight by pairing medicines with exercise and a healthy diet as prescribed by a professional.
  • Follow a new diet.
    Start by trimming your daily calorie intake, but don’t do it abruptly. This will only make your body hoard more calories leading to weight gain. This is important for skin tightening as well. Find the balance between the calories you take and burn daily.
  • Keep moving.
    Any weight loss plan always involves exercise. The same goes for managing hypothyroidism. In fact, exercising regularly increases your body’s ability to burn fat. So cultivate an active lifestyle and pick activities that you love and feel comfortable with. This could be anything from jogging, playing sports, biking, walking, and more.

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